Swiftkey Keyboard with awesome themes and settings is ready to download

Swiftkey keyboard is one of best keyboard for pc and mobile it's android version is much efficient and updated with new swiftkey keyboard settings. The work of this keyboard is to learn your writing style for fast typing, texting, sending GIfs stickers, and emoji. That's why this keyboard has millions of users.
Swiftkey is designed in such a way that it learns your writing styles, the slang words, emojis, and nicknames you usually use. The auto correct feature of this keyboard enable you to resolve your spellings and grammar errors.
You have lot of options of  free themes, and designs according to your typing style priorities. If you want to type in swipe to swipe style or you are easy with tap to tap predictive emoji and GIF keyboard you can easily do with swiftkey keyboard.

Features of Swiftkey Keyboard

   Text Keyboard
- Auto-text with AI power predictions and Spell checker
- Swipe to swipe and type to type options
- Toolbar variety of shortcuts in expendable menu 

 GIF, Emojis and Similes
- Variety of GIF and Emojis to Express
- Special keyboard available for GIFs only
- Emoji keyboard also available to express your emotions

 Keyboard Customization 
-  Size and layout of keyboard are customize-able
- More the 100 colorful themes
- You can also make you won theme by using own photo in background

Multilingual Keyboard 
- It support up-to 300 languages
- At one enable up to 5 languages
English (US, UK, AU, CA)       Spanish (ES, LA, US)      Portuguese (PT, BR) 
German  Turkish      French 
Arabic    Russian   Italian 
Polish and more 284 Languages of the world

If you want to get the custom keyboard  that matches your typing style don't weight Download the swiftkey keyboard right now.

Additional Information

Size:   16.5 MB                 Current Version :            Android requires: 4.4+
Category:  Free Personalization APP         Offered by:  Swiftkey

    Download Free Swiftkey Keyboard a for Android
                     Download Swiftkey apk
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