Free Download Latest Version of Nova Launcher Prime apk 5.5.4 and 5.3

Nova Launcher is the one of best android launcher recommended internationally that you should use in year 2019. If you want to replace and customize your home screen with a single control Noval launcher is the only android launcher which enables you to do such furthermore Nova Launcher enables you to change icons, layouts and animations.
This android launcher is smooth fast, and light weight with tons of customization's.

Features of Nova launcher

- If you want my money Nova Launcher It is the best of AOSP style launchers available in android police.
- Phondroid is the one of capable hands behind Nova launcher.
- For perfect balance and high customization and good performance without difficult to use Lifehacker.

- You can find Thousand of Iconic Themes with colour controls for labels, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds.
- Snapping icons or widgets half ways through the desktop grid cells and much greater controls via sub-grid positioning is provided in Nova Launcher.
- Nova launcher enables you to to scroll vertically and horizontally to customized app drawer and Improved widget drawer.
- Nova launcher enables you of infinite scrolling and Scroll-able dock.
- You can backup and restore your desktop layout and launcher setting sophistication.
- If you want to rebuild your desktop scratch, Nova launcher can import from most popular launchers including the one that came with your phone.
- Nova launcher works quickly and quietly as it is highly optimized-able keeping the animations smooth and you can use your phone fast.

Nova Launcher Prime  
Nova launcher prime has following extra features
Gestures  The prime version enable you to swipe, pinch and double tap more on the home screen to open your favorite app.
Unread Counts You will never miss any message. Unread count badges for hangouts SMS Gmail and more using.
Custom Drawer Groups Create new folders app or tabs in app drawers 
Hide Apps Keep clean apps drawers by hiding unused apps.
Icon Swipes Enables you to set custom actions for swiping on apps shortcuts or folders
More Scroll Effects You can swipe, accord and through.

Additional Information

Size:       8.4MB                                          Current Version:    5.5.4 and 5.3       
Requires Android:  4.0 and Up              Offered by:      Teslacoil Software

Download Nova launcher apk 5.5.4 new version 
                       Nova Launcher apk

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