Chatwatch app for surveil and Spooring Whatsapp is ready to download Free

A new vexed app named Chatwatch which can tell your friends and family that when you are login and also with whom you are chatting to by surveying your Whatsapp.
A sort of bed news for Whatsapp users

Once you downloaded it to you mobile phone or other device. By using Chatwatch apk you can keep eye on your messages of Whatsapp contacts.

This app enables you to know when your two friends/contacts are online and what they are talking about and also you can track that how much time the friend in your contacts are spending in chatting with each-other.

This app also enables you to know that in what exact time they were chatting

The strategy that uses it for surveillance of  the chat of  two contacts  in between them is by combining the data of both contacts and figure out it.

The feature leaking/revealing how many times your friends check their Whatsapp seems credible, just because as we learned with the quick trail with a few cell phones, it's as possible to figure out  if a Whatsapp user is Online or not simply by commencing a conversation with them " i.e. no masseges need to be exchanged for this to work". Thus it is quite possible that the technique of Chatwatch app is automating the process of checking on Whatsapp users and clustering the data to deliver the insights

The company said that there's not a whole you can do about it even if you have disabled the

"last seen " feature in your account setting, it is still be able to figure out if a Whatsapp users activity.

The matter for Whatsapp users  which more made it worse is that there' inst anything which can do stop it from harvesting the information for data made publicly for Whatsapp

ChatWatch app features

>Check online history how much time they spent on chating
>you can track the daily activities ex sleeping, drinking
>Finally you can know when they are online and what they are talking right now
>Android requirement  4.2x jellybean 
>Latest version 1.3 
>Price; Free   
>Developer     Desarrollo del Potencial Organizacional S. de R.L

    So  download this app by clicking on the marked link below


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