New CPR App PulsePoint Respond Blood Pressure and Heart Attack Checker, is ready to Download

PulsePoint Respond a new smartphone application which will save your lives, by helping when you need help urgently. It is lunched by leaders of New Castle County the north most of three counties of the US state of Delaware.

It enables all individuals of communities to help in an emergency saving life of victims of Cardiac Arrest. i.e "in a  sudden loss of blood flow resulting from the failure of the heart to effectively pump"

It is activated when a call is made to 911, the pulsepoint app alerts and directs trained residents to people nearby who need CPR ; cardiopulmonary resuscitation.  The users of pulsepoint who have indicated they are trained in CPR are alerted if someone nearby is having a cardiac emergency and may require CPR.  If emergency is in public place the app uses advanced location based services to alert trained citizens of surrounding of the needed for CPR . This app will also command the citizens rescuers to exact  location of the closed public access Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

Pulsepoint app is now providing coverage for hundreds of cities and communities.

This app is a desktop window to 911 communication centers and provides  a quick time access in emergency activity  whenever it occurs. Users can see incidents including the current response status of dispatched units Curious as to where that fire engine or ambulance that just passed is headed? Is there an accident up ahead causing this traffic tie-up? Just tap the application to quickly find the incident location or plan an alternate route.

Additionally, users can choose to receive incident notifications when they are dispatched and listen in on live emergency radio traffic via this modern version of the traditional fire scanner. A photo gallery of significant events along with other agency images and information can also be easily accessed.

County Executive Matt Meyer said citizen responders, who include off-duty first responders, can make all the difference in those critical moments before first responders arrive.

�When someone�s suffering cardiac arrest, bystanders can see that, hear it and help out,� Meyer said. �Imagine if every resident knew CPR. Imagine how much shorter the time would be for you to get emergency assistance at that time when seconds matter to keep you alive.�

The app also provides a crowd-sourced countywide AED registry. Users can use the app to indicate on a map where AEDs are available in public places, add business and descriptor information and submit photos of the AED in its location.

                    You can download it by clicking on the marked text below

                               Click Here to Download PulsePoint Respond APK

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